“Yeah, so what do you do?”
“Oh really?”
“Forgive me but… don’t look like one.”
“See, that is the problem with society. They simply don’t appreciate that many variables go in making a model. It’s a complex thing and no one should consider only one facet of it.”
“Oh, I am so sorry but I mean…models go through a very rigorous routine and you don’t seem to follow one.”
“What?? Who told you that? That guy over there? He is the worst slob I have ever seen. All he knows is a ramp function, whereas I check my procedure if it satisfies all diagnostics. I am very careful to remove all outliers beforehand.”
“So you work out daily huh? little hard to believe, but what do you do in workout, anyway?”
“Well there are many procedures I use everyday. Hill climbing, back-propagation, lasso are some of my favorite methods. I also love random forests as they keep coming in the way.”
“Wow, nice. Can you tell me who is the best designer you know?”
“Taguchi, undoubtedly.”
“Who is this? I don’t recall seeing this name ever. Is he a new guy?”
“Oh no, he is a very well-established player and has a rather niche market which is arrayed rather orthogonally to the usual guys.”
“Umm what about Gucci etc?”
“No, but we find Ricci very useful-esp when the concept is related to a flow.”
“What are the current trends of fashion now a days?”
“Well, many new things are coming up. But mostly all are nonparametric. Some are rather nonstandard but good because they are surreal.”
“Who are your clients?”
“They are a pretty diverse group. From defense guys to bankers, we have it all.”
“Wow, that is very impressive. Can you show me your portfolio?”
“I’m sorry but currently we are in the middle of optimizing it.”
“What do you mean you are optimizing it?”
“Some of the models don’t perform as per expectations, so we have to look for new ones all the time.”
“So where do you look for them?”
“We reach out to the community and constantly look out for anything new that comes up. Not many models perform all that good, actually-despite how they might look good on paper.”
“Damn, it must be tough to be a model. Don’t you feel ever threatened?”
“No (laughs), never. If need be, One can always tweak a model to make it perform better.”
“So you will be ok with alterations? implants? (shocked)”
“Hey chill…blunt accuracy is not the sole thing that matters.”
“So you don’t value human life, you only want stupid performance. That is sick.”
“Well, take a pick.”
“What is there to pick?”
“Between precision and accuracy. It’s not as one-sided as you think. One has to think of bigger issues also. Is this line of modeling any good? Will it extend to other domains? Does it scale up?”
“Now I am satisfied. I will tell my friends that modeling is not as hectic.”
“Oh and don’f forget to tell them to study hard-esp Math”
“Umm okay but why?”
“How can you go for modeling if you don’t know your Math?”
“So what kind of modeling are we talking here?”
“Mathematical modeling, of course-what did you think?”

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  1. aruna म्हणतो आहे:

    i can understand the last line response. 🙂
    very interesting article.

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